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Friday, April 30, 2010


Well this week has started off very badly! Not being very TF friendly at all! Here is the damage:
2 potatoes- they were so good but soooooooo bad!
An extra protein serve- I was starving & had nothing else so I had a double protein serve with dinner to keep me away from the bread!
1 WHOLE, yes whole, tub of ice-cream (it was the low fat TF friendly one, only friendly when you dont eat the whole thing!!! never getting that again- I cant be trusted!)
Tonight we are going out to a mexican place for dinner to celebrate my husband passing his assessments this week. He's really looking forward to it and I dont want to be a wet blanket & have nothing so im thinking 1 vegie taco with black beans will be okay. Its probably the healthiest option they have there. Ill have my protein meal at lunch so dinner will be the carb meal instead of a shake.
Im back at work tomorrow for a few days so hopefully that will keep me sane and stick to this. I always find it hard to follow any diet when im not at work, yet the thought of working more makes me wanna kill myself :P
I know this is just a bad few days, I will be back on the TF wagon tomorrow. Im prepared for not losing any weight this week, I just hope I can exercise enough to make sure its not a gain!

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