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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

weight in 1

First weigh-in today! Hubby lost 1.6kg and I lost 2.4kg, giving me a higher weightloss % so far! Yay im winning! I also lost 4cm from my waist when the chemist lady measured me so thats great!
The first week hasnt been too bad. I worked long hours the first 5 days on the program which made the program very very easy to follow. My first day off when I was home alone & bored was alot harder. Im a boredom eater and I found those days very hard not to drive down to maccas for fries! But instead I just made some grilled vegies and snacked on those instead. I havent done much exercise-wise this week, I did 30mins on the WII and then yesturday I walked/runned around the dog park with Lucy for about 30mins doing 5 push-ups on the doggy tunnels each lap, so I managed about 100 push-ups yesturday in total and my arms are killing me today!
The only negative side effect ive experienced was the day after having the asian curry vegie soup. I had very bad *ahem*...gas for the whole day afterwards, which sucks because the asian curry & vegie soup is probably my favourite! Ah well, will just have to stick to mushroom & vegie instead. I still have 1 frozen meal of the asian curry soup so maybe next week when I know ill be home alone the next day I will finish that off!
I didnt really have any plan for the coming week. I did do a food plan for last week but I didnt follow it. Not in terms of eating the wrong things, I still followed the program just not in the order I had planned. So this week I have apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries & manderins to choose from for my fruit serves, espresso & mocha shakes, chocolate & espresso ready-to-go shakes and ive still got a few frozen meals consisting of protein & vegies. I've still got 3 days off from work but we have a flexible rostering system which means when we arent busy sometimes we 'flex-off' a shift- we still get paid for the shift but stay home and we can do this for a total of 24hrs. Then when we get really busy & need more staff we pay back those hours by working an extra shift but not getting paid for it. So when I have a large group of days off like this week, I put my name down to say im available to work an extra shift if they need it and if they do I would go & work back the hours I owe. Its a really good system, and ive made myself available today & tomorrow so I can always get a phonecall sometime today or tomorrow. Thats probably the main reaon I love the TF ready-to-go shakes, I can take one to work if I get called in and there is no excuse to need canteen food!

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