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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well, week 2 is over! Thank god for that. As you would know from my previous posts, its been a shocker of a week TF-wise. I did manage to lose 300gm though which im stoked with as I was certain I would gain. So thats now a total of 2.7kg in 2 weeks and a weightloss percentage of 2.74% Hubby lost 400gm this week and has lost a total of 2kg in 2 weeks and a weightloss percentage of 2.19%, which means im still in the lead! YAY!
Did some cooking today, I made the TF banana bread which looks really filling and the TF choc-chip cookies which I had for lunch. They are ok, abit boring but its nice to eat something crunchy for lunch instead of liquid. A big mistake I did was I didnt divide the batter into enough cookies. The recipe says make 20 cookies (so 5 cookies per serve) but i divided mine into 8 cookies (so 2 cookies per serve) and they were abit smooth inside, and I did burn them on the bottom a little.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I need to do a plan for coming week as im pretty sure that was my downfall this week.
Wednesday 5th May (Day off)
Breakfast: TF espresso shake
Snack: manderin
Lunch: TF berry munch bar
Snack: banana
Dinner: Tofu stir-fry
Snack: TF choclette
Thursday 6th May (Day shift 7am-3:30pm)
Breakfast: TF banana bread
Lunch: TF mushroom & vegie soup
Snack: 1 orange
Dinner: 2 soy sausages & baked vegies
Friday 7th May (Day shift 7am-3:30pm)
Breakfast:TF banana bread
Lunch: TF carrot cake
Dinner: 2 boiled eggs with avocado salad
Saturday 8th May (Night shift 7pm-7am)
Breakfast: Espresso TF shake
Lunch: garlic chili tofu chips & salad
Snack: 1 orange
Dinner:TF mushroom & vegie soup
Dessert: 20 strawberries & TF chocolate
Sunday 9th May (Day off)
Snack: 20 strawberries
Breakfast: TF banana bread
Lunch: 1 soy sausage with avocado salad
Snack: TF choc chip cookies
Dinner: 1/2 serve tofu with stri-fry vegies
Monday 10th May (Day off)
Breakfast: TF espresso shake
Snack: 1 orange
Lunch: TF mushroom & vegie soup
Snack: 1 banana & 1 serve TF choclette
Dinner: 2 soy sausages & vegies
Tuesday 11th May (Day shift 7am-7pm)
Breakfast: TF espresso shake
Snack: 20 strawberries
Lunch: 1 egg & avocado salad
Snack: TF carrot cake
Dinner: 1 soy sausage & baked vegies


I always like to look at pictures of women I admire when im in a weightloss rut. It really helps me remember why I want to lose weight- so i can look great & feel great. So here is some of my current favourite thinspiration.

Monday, May 3, 2010

its nearly over

Thank god this week is nearly over, I can have my weigh-in on Wednesday (I know I wont lose, hopefully I havent gained!) then move on and start fresh and be a TF angel again :P
So whats gone wrong this week? I think the biggest thing is I didnt plan! I was so good and did an awesome plan my first week and it worked then I thought 'I will just play this week out, see where it goes', well it went straight to the hips didnt it! So, must do a plan this week!
My other problem was life. And by this I mean the going out for dinner with friends and living life. My husband had all his assessments this week (he is a student paramedic) and he passed and he wanted to go to his favourite place for dinner- mexican. I had a vegetarian taco. Not very carb friendly but I really did enjoy it and I dont regret having it. Gotta live life I guess. Just not too much :P
I have a week of crazy shifts coming up next week. I think that will be a good thing though, I find it so much easier to follow TF when im working instead of sitting at home and getting boredom hunger.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Well this week has started off very badly! Not being very TF friendly at all! Here is the damage:
2 potatoes- they were so good but soooooooo bad!
An extra protein serve- I was starving & had nothing else so I had a double protein serve with dinner to keep me away from the bread!
1 WHOLE, yes whole, tub of ice-cream (it was the low fat TF friendly one, only friendly when you dont eat the whole thing!!! never getting that again- I cant be trusted!)
Tonight we are going out to a mexican place for dinner to celebrate my husband passing his assessments this week. He's really looking forward to it and I dont want to be a wet blanket & have nothing so im thinking 1 vegie taco with black beans will be okay. Its probably the healthiest option they have there. Ill have my protein meal at lunch so dinner will be the carb meal instead of a shake.
Im back at work tomorrow for a few days so hopefully that will keep me sane and stick to this. I always find it hard to follow any diet when im not at work, yet the thought of working more makes me wanna kill myself :P
I know this is just a bad few days, I will be back on the TF wagon tomorrow. Im prepared for not losing any weight this week, I just hope I can exercise enough to make sure its not a gain!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

weight in 1

First weigh-in today! Hubby lost 1.6kg and I lost 2.4kg, giving me a higher weightloss % so far! Yay im winning! I also lost 4cm from my waist when the chemist lady measured me so thats great!
The first week hasnt been too bad. I worked long hours the first 5 days on the program which made the program very very easy to follow. My first day off when I was home alone & bored was alot harder. Im a boredom eater and I found those days very hard not to drive down to maccas for fries! But instead I just made some grilled vegies and snacked on those instead. I havent done much exercise-wise this week, I did 30mins on the WII and then yesturday I walked/runned around the dog park with Lucy for about 30mins doing 5 push-ups on the doggy tunnels each lap, so I managed about 100 push-ups yesturday in total and my arms are killing me today!
The only negative side effect ive experienced was the day after having the asian curry vegie soup. I had very bad *ahem*...gas for the whole day afterwards, which sucks because the asian curry & vegie soup is probably my favourite! Ah well, will just have to stick to mushroom & vegie instead. I still have 1 frozen meal of the asian curry soup so maybe next week when I know ill be home alone the next day I will finish that off!
I didnt really have any plan for the coming week. I did do a food plan for last week but I didnt follow it. Not in terms of eating the wrong things, I still followed the program just not in the order I had planned. So this week I have apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries & manderins to choose from for my fruit serves, espresso & mocha shakes, chocolate & espresso ready-to-go shakes and ive still got a few frozen meals consisting of protein & vegies. I've still got 3 days off from work but we have a flexible rostering system which means when we arent busy sometimes we 'flex-off' a shift- we still get paid for the shift but stay home and we can do this for a total of 24hrs. Then when we get really busy & need more staff we pay back those hours by working an extra shift but not getting paid for it. So when I have a large group of days off like this week, I put my name down to say im available to work an extra shift if they need it and if they do I would go & work back the hours I owe. Its a really good system, and ive made myself available today & tomorrow so I can always get a phonecall sometime today or tomorrow. Thats probably the main reaon I love the TF ready-to-go shakes, I can take one to work if I get called in and there is no excuse to need canteen food!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Having a pretty chilled out day today. Did some grocery shopping then cooked for most of the morning. I made the TF creamy mushroom & vegie soup except I used the TF asian curry soups instead of mushroom like Andrea did (see links) and am having that for dinner. I also made up a big batch of what I had for dinner last night to freeze some meals for the week. For lunch today I had egg & avocado salad as pictured. Yum!