You dont drown by falling in the drown by staying there

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well, week 2 is over! Thank god for that. As you would know from my previous posts, its been a shocker of a week TF-wise. I did manage to lose 300gm though which im stoked with as I was certain I would gain. So thats now a total of 2.7kg in 2 weeks and a weightloss percentage of 2.74% Hubby lost 400gm this week and has lost a total of 2kg in 2 weeks and a weightloss percentage of 2.19%, which means im still in the lead! YAY!
Did some cooking today, I made the TF banana bread which looks really filling and the TF choc-chip cookies which I had for lunch. They are ok, abit boring but its nice to eat something crunchy for lunch instead of liquid. A big mistake I did was I didnt divide the batter into enough cookies. The recipe says make 20 cookies (so 5 cookies per serve) but i divided mine into 8 cookies (so 2 cookies per serve) and they were abit smooth inside, and I did burn them on the bottom a little.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I need to do a plan for coming week as im pretty sure that was my downfall this week.
Wednesday 5th May (Day off)
Breakfast: TF espresso shake
Snack: manderin
Lunch: TF berry munch bar
Snack: banana
Dinner: Tofu stir-fry
Snack: TF choclette
Thursday 6th May (Day shift 7am-3:30pm)
Breakfast: TF banana bread
Lunch: TF mushroom & vegie soup
Snack: 1 orange
Dinner: 2 soy sausages & baked vegies
Friday 7th May (Day shift 7am-3:30pm)
Breakfast:TF banana bread
Lunch: TF carrot cake
Dinner: 2 boiled eggs with avocado salad
Saturday 8th May (Night shift 7pm-7am)
Breakfast: Espresso TF shake
Lunch: garlic chili tofu chips & salad
Snack: 1 orange
Dinner:TF mushroom & vegie soup
Dessert: 20 strawberries & TF chocolate
Sunday 9th May (Day off)
Snack: 20 strawberries
Breakfast: TF banana bread
Lunch: 1 soy sausage with avocado salad
Snack: TF choc chip cookies
Dinner: 1/2 serve tofu with stri-fry vegies
Monday 10th May (Day off)
Breakfast: TF espresso shake
Snack: 1 orange
Lunch: TF mushroom & vegie soup
Snack: 1 banana & 1 serve TF choclette
Dinner: 2 soy sausages & vegies
Tuesday 11th May (Day shift 7am-7pm)
Breakfast: TF espresso shake
Snack: 20 strawberries
Lunch: 1 egg & avocado salad
Snack: TF carrot cake
Dinner: 1 soy sausage & baked vegies


I always like to look at pictures of women I admire when im in a weightloss rut. It really helps me remember why I want to lose weight- so i can look great & feel great. So here is some of my current favourite thinspiration.

Monday, May 3, 2010

its nearly over

Thank god this week is nearly over, I can have my weigh-in on Wednesday (I know I wont lose, hopefully I havent gained!) then move on and start fresh and be a TF angel again :P
So whats gone wrong this week? I think the biggest thing is I didnt plan! I was so good and did an awesome plan my first week and it worked then I thought 'I will just play this week out, see where it goes', well it went straight to the hips didnt it! So, must do a plan this week!
My other problem was life. And by this I mean the going out for dinner with friends and living life. My husband had all his assessments this week (he is a student paramedic) and he passed and he wanted to go to his favourite place for dinner- mexican. I had a vegetarian taco. Not very carb friendly but I really did enjoy it and I dont regret having it. Gotta live life I guess. Just not too much :P
I have a week of crazy shifts coming up next week. I think that will be a good thing though, I find it so much easier to follow TF when im working instead of sitting at home and getting boredom hunger.