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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well, week 2 is over! Thank god for that. As you would know from my previous posts, its been a shocker of a week TF-wise. I did manage to lose 300gm though which im stoked with as I was certain I would gain. So thats now a total of 2.7kg in 2 weeks and a weightloss percentage of 2.74% Hubby lost 400gm this week and has lost a total of 2kg in 2 weeks and a weightloss percentage of 2.19%, which means im still in the lead! YAY!
Did some cooking today, I made the TF banana bread which looks really filling and the TF choc-chip cookies which I had for lunch. They are ok, abit boring but its nice to eat something crunchy for lunch instead of liquid. A big mistake I did was I didnt divide the batter into enough cookies. The recipe says make 20 cookies (so 5 cookies per serve) but i divided mine into 8 cookies (so 2 cookies per serve) and they were abit smooth inside, and I did burn them on the bottom a little.

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